Seven Reasons Why Moms Don’t Breastfeed—and What They can Do About Them

Joy Rojas

CMI’s lactation clinicians address common breastfeeding challenges  Since time immemorial, experts have extolled the benefits of breastfeeding. Besides protecting babies against various illnesses due to its perfect blend of nutrients and immunoprotective factors for a growing baby, breast milk offers advantages to a child that extend well beyond infancy—protection from allergies and obesity, among others. […]

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Why Your Child Should Take an Annual Physical Exam

By Dr. Ruby Punongbayan

Know more about your child’s developmental progress, nutrition condition, and mental health wellness Adults are accustomed to undergoing annual physical exams and these are considered beneficial in terms of preventive measures and overall health. Every year we undergo extensive health tests to inform ourselves of our body’s state. Annual physical exams give us a clear […]

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