She makes time for her passions — and her health

CMI wastes no time in making sure Dr. Laura Britt Fermo and her family get quality care

By Joy Rojas

If achieving work-life balance is a challenge—or an impossible dream for women who have their hands full in the office and at home—simply look to Dr. Laura Britt Fermo for inspiration. As a well-rounded economist and a deputy director of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas Research Academy, she is also a wife and mother of two college-aged girls.


Aside from achieving her Ph.D. in Economics from Keio University as a scholar, Dr. Fermo is also a self-described artist at heart who renders portraits, still life, and subjects from nature on just about everything she can paint on—from canvas and paper to designer handbags, handwoven totes, tea sets, and even denim jeans. Ceramic pottery and porcelain mosaic art are her latest forms of self-expression.


Few economists are athletic too, and Dr. Fermo is one of them. She played basketball and volleyball for organizations, and joins the occasional triathlon with swimming, biking, and running segments.


Main priority

For all her professional commitments and extra-curricular activities, “My main priority is still my family,” says Dr. Fermo. On weekend mornings, she’ll engage in the interests of her two daughters, and go on bike rides with her equally sports-minded husband. The afternoons will see them hanging out together as a family either watching their favorite movies or eating out.


“Me” time, of course, is just as important to this busy lady. When she’s not in the office or working on her art, you’ll find her tending to her garden, a hobby that proves both relaxing and recharging.

How does this consummate career and family woman manage to have and do it all?

“It’s a matter of prioritization and compartmentalization,” she says. “I just go by my principle: What is most urgent becomes the priority.”

Staying healthy helps her handle her packed days. “Now, more than ever, I’ve come to realize how important our health is, especially during and after the pandemic,” she says. “I wouldn’t be able to do any of my interests if I wasn’t in good health.”

For someone who values her time and uses it wisely, Dr. Fermo looks for partners who share her sensible mindset. Centre Médicale Internationale (CMI) meets her needs and more.

‘Positive, welcoming, friendly environment’

Noted for its bright, spacious, and clean interiors, the premier medical clinic in Bonifacio Global City schedules consults for you at the day and time of your convenience. CMI has over 100 board-certified doctors representing 40 different specialties in its roster, and each one has the expertise and years of experience to address your specific health concern. The facility has a slew of services that include diagnostic tests, wellness packages, treatments and procedures, and counseling and lifestyle programs, and clients can expect each visit to be comfortable, private, and professionally conducted.


“The most important thing in a healthcare facility for me and my family is the feeling that we are being well taken care of, without any judgement,” she says. “CMI is a facility that is very positive, very welcoming, and has a very friendly environment. It makes you feel safe, and you are able to engage with the staff.

“Sometimes, in cases of urgent medical needs or even just an executive checkup, you want a facility that will guide you every step of the way. You also know that time was given for you. You allotted time for yourself, and you want a clinic that values your time and makes sure that none of your time is wasted.”

Efficiency and convenience

Dr. Fermo was at her recent art exhibit when she suddenly felt unwell. She made a quick call to CMI to book a teleconsultation with one of their doctors.


“Upon assessment during teleconsultation, the doctor requested that I do treadmill stress test. I was able to swiftly schedule the needed treadmill stress test in CMI at my most convenient time. That kind of efficiency and convenience is what I need and is always met here at CMI.”

Fermo Photos

CMI became the medical facility of choice for this lady and her family since their first visit. “The minute we entered CMI, we could already feel the very friendly atmosphere. We felt welcomed by the staff who already knew we were coming and our schedule for the day. We were given very clear instructions on what to expect; where to go, who would go first. No time was wasted.”

Besides the efficient flow of their appointments, quality consultations were afforded to every member of her family. “In particular, I appreciate how my husband’s recent checkup and experience at CMI helped him. He saw three other doctors prior, but his visit to CMI was what made him feel better and good as new to join his upcoming triathlon.”

Perfect partner

Time waits for no one, as the old saying goes, so make sure you’re feeling your best inside and out so you can make the most of every single minute. “Health should be a priority for each and every one of us,” says Dr. Fermo. “We want to be healthy for our family, to achieve our tasks at work, and to be able to engage in our interests.

“Especially after the pandemic: In between what I do at work, my other activities, and my family, it was very challenging to schedule doctors’ appointments in other hospitals and clinics. But in CMI, I found a partner that really finds a way to match the schedule of the available doctor and the laboratory requirements with me and my family’s available time.


“I think CMI is compatible to my lifestyle and my health needs because it is in sync with my busy schedule. It’s efficient. No crowds, no queues, no hassle. I’m able to maximize whatever available time I have.

“It’s a perfect fit,” she says.



CMI is located at 2/F Ore Central Bldg., 31st corner 9th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. For inquiries and appointment scheduling for your outpatient medical needs, you may call + 63 2 8812-1264, +63 2 8816-1035 to 36 or visit

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