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When the country went into lockdown, many people deferred their healthcare visits to the hospital for fear of contracting and transmitting the Covid-19 virus. Now that cases are down and restrictions have been eased, a fair number are still quite apprehensive about going to clinics. Whether this hesitation stems from a lingering concern of getting Covid-19, or fear of discovering worrisome test results, or the belief that check-ups are unnecessary when one feels no symptoms, Centre Médicale Internationale (CMI) can allay these uncertainties.

Located in Bonifacio Global City, CMI is a one-of-a-kind, upscale multispecialty outpatient clinic distinguished for its efficiency, convenience and personalized care.  Its serene interiors are comparable to leading medical centers abroad. “CMI’s mission is to deliver premier patient experiences through our world-class facilities, high-caliber, multi-disciplinary team of experts, and personalized responsive health care programs,” says Mitch Diño, VP for Sales & Marketing. “Here in CMI, we value our patients’ health, time and privacy. There are no crowds, no queues and no hassle.”

CMI is truly a one-stop destination for every member of the family. “We schedule our patients’ diverse outpatient medical needs at their utmost convenience,” Mitch Diño adds. “If, for example, you and your loved ones need an Urgent Care Specialist consult, a pediatric well-baby check-up, a dental procedure, and even some laboratory tests, you can have it all done in CMI simultaneously on a single-day visit. If you need to purchase medicines and supplies, we also have an in-house pharmacy ready to serve you.”

Last May 2022, a husband and wife went to CMI for their routine Executive Check Up (ECU) expecting it to be one of those usual series of tests. However, soon after the couple finished their tests and left the clinic, the CMI laboratory staff noticed some critical blood test results. The patient was immediately notified and advised to proceed to the nearest ER for emergency blood transfusions.

A more serious medical complication may have ensued had the test results taken longer to process (as in other medical facilities) and the service not been as personalized. This patient now encourages other people to also prioritize their health saying “Please get yourselves checked guys! I can’t stress enough how important is early detection.”

Dr. Krista Rubio, CMI Medical Director emphasizes that among its prime offerings and bespoke healthcare packages, the Executive Check-Up (ECU) and Annual Physical Examinations (APE) done at CMI are particularly valuable. “Preventive care helps detect serious diseases and medical problems at the outset and before they become life-threatening.  It helps your doctor provide proactive medical care and treatment.  These procedures, when done regularly, are intended to help you stay in good health for as long as possible.”

Centre Médicale Internationale is located at 2/F Ore Central Building, 31st corner 9th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City. To book a consultation, call +632.8812.1264 or +632.8816.1035 to 36, or visit

Source: Tatler Philippines | Issue July 2022

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