Going the Extra Mile to Offer the Premiere Experience in Medical Care

Arunee Siripunvarapon

In providing premier medical experience, Centre Medicale Internationale (CMI) and Parkway Hospitals Singapore definitely deliver. CMI’s very own dermatologist, Dr. Arunee Siripunvarapon,  recently had her father treated in Mount Elizabeth Hospital Singapore made possible by CMI.

“My mom always believed that Singapore has a great reputation when it comes to healthcare. For the longest time, we wanted to get an appointment in Parkway. However, we found it quite challenging primarily because we were uncertain who would be the best specialist for our needs. As a doctor, I find that the best way to get the best doctors is through a referral from other doctors.” Dr. Siripunvarapon said.

As the Patient Assistance Center of Parkway Hospitals Singapore in the Philippines, CMI provides a one stop seamless patient care. From securing an appointment in the shortest time to medical evacuation and direct admission arrangement in Parkway Hospitals, CMI gives the premier and personalized care they deserve.

“We appreciate how CMI gave us further assurance with the specialist they referred by providing details of the number of similar cases the doctor has already handled. When we finally decided to book an appointment, everything was made hassle-free and very convenient from the airport up to the actual hospital admissions,” Dr. Siripunvarapon added. “Now a few follow-up visits after, we feel relieved and thankful that we were referred to one of the best specialists in Singapore.” Dr. Sirapunvarapon capped.

A smooth medical journey from the Philippines all the way to Singapore and back is at your fingertips.

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